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Where to Eat in Boston: Max Brenner

I’m introducing a new series today! Now that I’m in in Beantown most of the time, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the fun activities in Boston. I’m calling this “See, Eat, Do,” and will be talking about the sites to see, what to eat, and what to do in Boston. I’m hoping that this will be helpful for anyone interested in visiting Boston – whether it’s a day or a week – and also for other people living here who may not know where to start in enjoying this awesome city.

family activities in Boston

Today, I’m talking about my trip to Max Brenner, located on Boylston St. It’s known as one of the best chocolate companies, which is right up my alley. A week or so ago, one of my cousins was in town, so we (my mom, sister, and I) took him there for lunch.

restaurants in Boston

My only complaint is that it was not very allergen friendly. I can’t eat gluten, dairy, or hydrogenated oils, and I really struggled to find something that I could eat on their menu. They had a few salads, but most of them I would have to take off so many ingredients that it would just become lettuce and the odd tomato. I ended up going with a burger (without the bun or waffle fries), and it was delicious. I just had it with lettuce and tomato, but it was one of the best burgers that I’ve ever had.

My sister had a salad on top of a waffle. The presentation was pretty impressive, as you can see below. It had cheese, chickpeas, quinoa, and tomato, and she really enjoyed it.

restaurants in Boston

My cousin ordered a cheese pizza, and between him and my mom, they finished it easily.

restaurants in Boston

Everyone was satisfied with their lunches and so full that we opted out of dessert. I do want to return some time to try and find out if they really do have the best chocolate. I mean, it’s my duty to all of you, right? If I have to eat some of their chocolate to find out if you have to stop by when you’re visiting Boston, then I’ll do it for you.

Overall, my family and I loved our meal there. My only issue was that there weren’t many options to accommodate me, but unless you have those intense dietary restrictions, it would be great to add to your list of family activities to do in Boston.

Just so you know, I was not compensated in any way for this post. If I ever am in any way for these posts in the future, I will absolutely let you know.

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