Currently [Vol. 10]

Guess who’s baaaaaackkkkkk! I’m doing better but am nowhere near healed yet. In fact, it has taken me all week to write this post, so again, not healed. But I am doing better, so here I am.

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Currently [Vol. 10]

Currently, I am …

feeling … exhausted mostly but happy with the surgery results! According to the MRI I had in April, there was cartilage damage, but when they went into my knee, it was fine. Instead, there was a layer of scar tissue in between the kneecap and the femur, which explained my pain. The awesome news about this is that it means that my arthritis didn’t damage my cartilage in the 2.5 years since my last surgery! Plus, my surgeon said that as long as my arthritis remains under control, I shouldn’t need surgery again for a while. Knowing that my knee will hopefully be okay for a least a couple of years makes the exhaustion and pain worth it.

wearing … lots of athletic shorts and t-shirts in the post-op life and my new fav highlighter from Too Faced. For the first week, my knee couldn’t handle the touch of leggings, so that plus the heat meant that I wore pretty much only athletic shorts and t-shirts. I have now progressed to wearing nice (or non-athletic at least) shorts and leggings. Go me! I’ve also been loving the Love Light Prismatic Highlighter from Too Faced in champagne that I picked up in my birthday spree. It’s more gold instead of pink (which most of my highlighters are) which is perfect for this time of year.

hoping for … more than 2.5 years in between knee surgeries and the ability to finish TLM by the end of the summer. Initially, when the plan was knee surgery on July 19 instead of June 19, I was going to finish the first draft of TLM by then. I still want to finish it by the end of the summer, but it’s going to be a little trickier now. I have a TON of medical appointments scheduled in July – like, 3-8 a week counting PT – so it will be difficult to write then. But I really want to finish this book! Hopefully I will be able to.

watching … Turn, Jessica Jones, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Captain America: Civil War, Skyfall, Spectre, NCIS, and Criminal Minds, among others. I’ve been bed and couch bound for a week and a half – I’ve watched a lot of TV and movies. If you’re into historical, check out Turn, which is about Washington’s spies in the Revolutionary War and it’s so good.

loving … my birthday Sephora buys, Jessica Jones, and Showerless Shave Gel from Busy Beauty. I think that the first two are pretty self-explanatory – I’ve loved what I picked up except for the Sephora loose setting powder, which has been pretty disappointing – I’m loving the rest of the things that I bought and Jessica Jones is SO good. But I’m especially loving the shaving cream that Busy Beauty sent me to try. It’s no-water-required shaving cream, which has been amazing for me while recovering from surgery. Showering is pretty difficult for me right now (because knee surgery) and while I don’t care too much about having hairy legs because screw the patriarchy, after a certain point, I’m ready for smooth legs again. This shaving cream has made that SO easy for me since I don’t need to do it in the shower, which my knee appreciates. It’s easy to use and works well, so if you don’t want to shave in the shower, forget to shave while you’re showering, or are recovering from knee surgery like me, you should totally check it out.

reading … Mere Christianity, The Shadow of the Wind, and Reflections. I talked about The Shadow of the Wind in the last Currently post so I won’t recap it, and I talked about Reflections a few weeks ago so I won’t say a lot about that, either. If you like long mystery novels then you’ll probably like The Shadow of the Wind, and if you like coming of age or fantasy novels then you’ll like Reflections, and I’ll leave it at that. But I haven’t talked about Mere Christianity yet! This is my second time reading it, and it’s a great way to examine different elements of Christianity. I disagree with some parts – because it was written in the 40s has some time-relevant homophobia and such – but overall it’s a great read. If you’re trying to understand some elements of Christianity or see how our (relatively) modern world fits with the text written thousands of years ago that outlines our faith, I strongly suggest reading it.

Looking for something new to read? Check out the books I'm currently reading and my thoughts on them so you can decide if you want to read them, too.

looking forward to … being further along in my recovery and July 4th in Maine. Like I said, I’ve been through this surgery before, so I know generally how I’ll be feeling at different points along the recovery process, but it’s still frustrating. Everything takes so much more out of me than it did before (which is saying something because pretty much everything takes a lot out of me since I’m an autoimmune patient), and I’m really looking forward to the point where my fatigue doesn’t affect me as much mentally and I can do things again on the computer, like write blog posts without it taking a week. But in the short-term, I’m really looking forward to being in Maine for the 4th of July this weekend. Maine is my happy place, my home, and to be in the Maine woods with my family and some family friends is happiness, even if I’m still recovering from surgery.

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  • Reply Kay R.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery girlie!

    June 30, 2017 at 8:57 am
  • Reply Darrian Duckworth

    Hoping your recovery goes well! Also I loved Turn when I watched it! Definitely recommend.
    My fiance and I just started Vikings and are enjoying it so far, eagerly awaiting the return of GoT.
    Also, good luck on finishing TLM! I know you can do it!


    June 30, 2017 at 1:40 pm
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