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5 Great Summer Dresses

First of all, notice anything different today? A huge, huge thank you to Tanya of Blogelina for transferring Kate the (Almost) Great from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress! All of my posts and pages were transferred over, but I’m not done tweaking and changing things. So things might be a little messy around here for a couple of days while I get things exactly how I want them. Thank you for bearing with me! And now to our important content …

Summer has always been difficult for me fashion-wise. I grew up in Maine, where true summer weather lasts only 3 months out of the year. I’m good with layers; not so much with dressing for heat. But then I went to school in Nashville and moved there after graduation. In Nashville, what I deem summer weather lasts 6-7 months. So, as many logical women would, I started wearing a lot of dresses. They’re easy and comfortable!

5 Great Summer Dresses

LWD – The little white dress is summer’s version of the classic.
Sundress – Casual and cute for daily activities




LBD – The classic little black dress is everyone’s favorite.




Party dress – Because some dresses are most appropriate for house parties, bars, clubs … you get the idea.




Work – And some dresses are better suited for the workplace.



These are only some of great clothing options from ApparelCandy. You can buy these dresses individually, but you can also buy wholesale clothing. They also sell wholesale cosmetics! They have clothes, sunglasses, cosmetics, fragrances, and bags, all in the current fashions. They’re especially good if you like a style, but don’t want to pay large amounts for something that you worry may not be fashionable in a year or more.

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