Currently [Vol. 5]

As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t spend a lot of time here talking about my personal life. Yes, my life is an aspect of every post, but I don’t spend entire posts on my personal life that often. According to 2016’s reader survey, for some reason, you guys want to hear about my life. Honestly, it’s not very exciting, which is why I don’t talk about it a ton. But just because there haven’t been many events recently doesn’t mean that my life is straight-up boring, so please enjoy this list of things I’m currently feeling, wanting, and more.

For the things I’ve loved recently, stay tuned for January favorites next week.

Currently [Vol. 5]

Gasson Hall at Boston College

In My Life: Classes started last week, and I’m now in my second-to-last semester. So far (one week in), I’m enjoying it, but we shall see how the rest of the semester goes! Hopefully, though, it will be better than the days leading up to the semester, as I had another abdominal pain episode. It was awful, and I’m glad that it’s over.

Feeling: I alternatively am furious at our president, terrified for my and other human’s lives based on the policy items our president has announced, and excited to kick my activism into full gear. I’m also feeling frustrated with the number of people who don’t see anything wrong with our president, and at the people who saw him and decided his misogyny, ableism, racism, and xenophobia were not deal breakers. By the way, if you are one of them, you are the reason millions of people across the world marched over the weekend.

Planning: Speaking of activism, I’m going back to the Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summit in March! I’m so excited (especially because I’ll get to meet some Internet friends in person that I haven’t had the chance to yet), and I’m really looking forward to making sure that the government can’t ignore disabled people. And for the record – I believe in advocating for many different causes, but the disabled community is my pet cause for obvious reasons, so that’s the one that I put in more energy into.

Currently [Vol. 5]

Gus and Piper

Praying: (If you didn’t know, I’m Catholic.) There are a lot of things I’m praying for right now, but there are several key things. One, I’m praying that Gus’ chemo works and reduces his tumor enough that it can be operated on and that he recovers. Two, I’m praying that the country can come together to protect human rights, including the rights of women, the disabled, people of color, everyone regardless of religion, etc. More generally, I’m praying that the country and the world don’t go backward. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Basically, I want everyone to stay safe and for us to get sh*t done.

Buying: I got a little excited this weekend and went on a little mini-Sephora haul. I focused mostly on skin care than makeup, though, including several sheet masks. I picked up an under-eye mask, lip mask, and several face masks, as well as some new cleanser from F.A.B. Great makeup begins with treating your skin great!


Hoping: I’m crossing my fingers that all of the animosity towards the new president will lead to a united country against him and that this we will unite to stand up for equal rights for all. I’m also hoping (and praying) that the ACA is not repealed because that will be life-threatening to many of my friends and quality-of-life-threatening to me and many others.

What are you up to currently?

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