Healthy Hair Routine


Are you struggling with unhealthy hair? Check out these 5 tips from Viki Howell.

#1: Healthy Lifestyle

Balanced diet is extremely important because your hair needs different vitamins, protein, minerals and natural fats to be strong and healthy.

#2: Shampooing

Keeping your hair clean is great but washing it too frequently will do no good to your locks. Excessive cleansing washes out natural oils, makes your hair super thirsty for moisture and causes dry scalp.

#3: Conditioning

Conditioning is an essential part of your healthy hair routine as it delivers rich moisture and deep nourishment. Avoid applying to roots to prevent oily hair.

#4: No Damage

You have to take a good care of your hair and protect it from every possible damage – shield from sun, limit heat styling tools, use heat control products, brush gently etc.

#5: Regular Salon Visits

Regular trims help to get rid of split ends and prevent further breakage by refreshing and improving an overall condition of your strands.

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Thanks for the guest post, Viki!

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