July 2016 Favorites

I feel like I’m constantly talking about how shocked I am at how fast time in moving. I have this theory that it always feels that way because as you go on, each week/month makes up a smaller percentage of your life (so 1 year is 10% of a 10-year-old’s life but 2% of a 50-year-old’s life). But aside from that, it is somehow August, so before we get too far into the month, I’m talking about the things I loved in July.

All Monthly Favorites

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July Favorites


H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line | Lots of classical music! Especially Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Spotify’s Romantic Era 50 playlist, and Spotify’s Classical Essentials playlist | Mumford and Sons | Maren Morris | Make You mine by High Valley | Float Your Boat by Ryan Follesse

Medieval Theater in Context


The Greatest Knight – I’m listening to this on Audible (click that link and get a 30-day free trial!) and it’s about William Marshall, the medieval knight who worked for and advised several kings. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a historical fiction lover. Ever since I started listening to books on Audible, I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Chadwick’s books and oh wow do I love her. She’s an amazing writer and brings all of her characters to life. I’m getting close to running out of her books and it’s making me nervous.

Writing Down the Bones – I’m currently into reading books on writing, and just bought 2 more!

Medieval Theater in Context – This is actually required by one of my fall classes for background information and I am SUCH a nerd because I am so freaking excited to read more. (Please see above note on my love of historical fiction that is set in medieval times and laugh at me.)

All-Time Faves: Books

Wearing – Clothes, etc.

July Favorites

Madewell whisper tees, Madewell striped tank dress, Keds, Jack Rogers, and my Citgo/Fenway shirt

Kate the (Almost) Great

All-Time Faves: Clothes, Shoes, etc.

Wearing – Beauty

July Favorites

BECCA highlighter, Benefit highlighter, Urban Decay setting spray, Essie nail polish

All-Time Faves: Beauty | My Everyday Makeup Routine | Birthday Beauty Buys


The Bourne movies – The Matt Damon trilogy showed up on on-demand for free this month and I have now watched all three at least once. We own all three, but they’re up in Maine, and I hadn’t watched any of them in a while. It turns out that it wasn’t my memory that struggled to remember them; they’re actually confusing and require you to pay attention the entire time. Not that they’re not good, because they are, but they are definitely confusion.

Queen of the South – This is a USA show that started in June and I am now an avid watcher. It’s the story of a woman who became the queen of drugs in America and how she got there, and it’s based on a Telenovela of the same(/translated) name. Definitely not the kind of thing you see on TV in the US all that often!

Big Brother – My summer guilty pleasure, and it has been since 2014. I have no shame.

The Bachelorette – I’m actually rather annoyed with how this season is going. Jordan seems like a bit of a sleeze, it makes me uncomfortable with how easily (apparently) he aired his family’s dirty laundry on national TV, and while obviously he and Jojo have a connection, I’m not a fan and won’t be cheering if he wins. (Note: I wrote this on August 1 before the finale aired.) Which makes me feel like a bit of a traitor since he’s a Vandy grad and played for us for 2 of the years I was there (and won us a bowl game).

All-Time Faves: Movies

What did you love in July?

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    I use a becca highlighter and urban decay’s setting spray! Great picks! 🙂

    xx, Tomi

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