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Rules of English Grammar: Capitalization (Part 2)

Back to grammar! English capitalization rules can be tricky, especially since there are so many of them. I went over the first part a few weeks ago, and now I’m finishing them off.

In case you’re wondering why I can speak about this with authority, I majored in secondary education and English in college, which included a course on the correct grammar rules. I then taught 9th grade English last year!

Rules of English Grammar: Capitalization

1. Capitalize all names referring to a deity and the Bible, but not the words “god” and “goddess” when referring to mythology

English Capitalization Rules

Example: the Father, Old Testament, the Gospel, the Koran, Allah

Thor is the god of thunder.

God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity.

English Capitalization Rules

2. Capitalize the name of a school subject only if it is a language, proper noun, or is followed by a number

Examples: When is your English quiz?

This semester I’m taking Algebra 2, American history, biology, and Spanish.

English Capitalization Rules

3. Capitalize the name of a family relationship only when it is used with or as a person’s name

Example: My grandpa has two siblings, and I call them Aunt Sally and Uncle John.

English Capitalization Rules

4. The words “north,” “south,” “east,” and “west” are capitalized only when they indicate a particular section of the country but not when they indicate direction. (I always mess this one up!)

Example: I’m from New England, but I use to live in the South. The South is south of New England.

English Capitalization Rules

5. The words I and O are always capitalized.

Example: If I was Canadian, my national anthem would be O Canada.

English Capitalization Rules

6. Capitalize the first word of each topic and subtopic in an outline.


A. Blog posts for the week
a. Surviving the holidays with chronic pain
b. Capitalization rules

English Capitalization Rules

7. Capitalize abbreviations of time, titles, and organizations, as well as initials of names.

Example: When I was a teacher, I was Ms. K. Mitchell and I taught at XYZ.

English Capitalization Rules

8. Capitalize a title when it is used with a proper name.

Example: Admiral Smith had a long career in the Navy.

English Capitalization Rules

9. Never capitalize seasons of the year

It is currently on the edge of fall and winter.

Now I want to introduce you to Rebecca of Life with rMe!

I’m a senior at Sweet Briar College majoring in Spanish, minoring in Latin American Studies, and earning an Arts Management certificate with a passion for social media, non-profit development, and beagles.


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