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The Crime Show Deal

If you follow me on Twitter (psh of course you are – why wouldn’t you?), you might know that I spend lot of time watching crime shows when I’m not feeling well. This has made me a bit of an expert on the different kinds of shows out there.

For pure crime and punishment, maybe or maybe not with a continuing storyline through the season:

Of course, we all know that SVU is the best. CSI: Miami is my personal favorite, though, even though I fully acknowledge that SVU is the better show. Be careful, though, because these shows can get pretty gruesome and/or feature absolutely horrible criminal acts. (Please note that Law&Order: Criminal Intent and CSI: NY are not included. Don’t watch them. They’re stupid.)

For crime and humor, where there is a heavy focus is on the crime-fighters’ lives and you get to know and love them, and there is a higher chance of some sort of episode arc:


NCIS is my all-time favorite, and Bones has been a love of mine for a while, but it’s slowly being replaced in my favorites by Rizzoli & Isles. Castle is also awesome. NCIS: LA is good, but not incredible.

Which crime shows are your favorite?

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This post was originally published in July 2013.

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  • Reply Marla Rogers

    OMG 100000000% SVU is the best hahah. I don't even watch the others because they just can't compete…

    March 8, 2015 at 8:17 pm
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