Currently [Vol. 18]

What’s up! Happy Monday and welcome back to the 18th edition of the Currently series. This is a series where I basically talk about my life and what has been happening in a variety of ways and areas. While I try to do this monthly, it doesn’t always work out that way, especially when something happens like surgery. Anyway, we’re back at it, so here’s a look at what I’ve been up to currently.

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Currently [Vol. 18]

Currently, I’m …

readingThe Girl in the Spider’s Web, the sun and her flowers, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Crooked KingdomA King’s Ransom, A Column of Fire – With my bedrest and how little I was doing for most of the month, I got a lot of reading now. I finally finished The Girl in the Spider’s Web, and I was a little disappointed by it. This is mostly because the first three books in the series were just so good and also because the first three were written by an entirely different author. Stieg Larsen died, and a friend of his picked up the mantle with the Millenium series. This was okay, but it didn’t have the same can’t-put-down quality, so I was disappointed. I also went out of my comfort zone and read a book of poetry! I went with the sun and her flowers because of how popular Rupi Kaur has been. I really liked it, but poetry in general isn’t really my thing. I then read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, suggested by one of my Instagram followers (I can’t find the message now). I think it would be a really good beach read. It also didn’t have the can’t-put-down quality, and I actually had trouble getting myself to read it. But there’s a big twist at the end that really god me! But one book that I adored was Crooked Kingdom. It’s the sequel to Six of Crows, and I can’t recommend either enough. Basically, they’re YA fantasy heist books. I can’t really say more without spoiling them! And I’m currently reading A King’s Ransom, which is about King Richard the Lionheart of England traveling back to England after the Crusades. He was captured by the Holy Roman Emperor, which is where the title comes from. This is my second or third time trying to read it, and for some reason this time just clicked and I’ve been devouring it! And I’m still listening A Column of Fire! I’ve just been listening to it less recently because I’ve been reading more hard copies of books. | Check out what books I read in the first quarter of 2018.

Currently [Vol. 18]

thankful for … my awesome medical team, being further in my recovery process, my family – My surgery recovery is going really well, and I can’t thank my surgeon and medical team enough for all of their help! And that doubly goes to my family because of how much they’ve been helping me. Since I’m on crutches, I’ve been super reliant on them for pretty much everything, and they’ve been super helpful. | All about my surgery in case you’re confused.

Currently [Vol. 18]

watching … The Defenders, The Roosevelts, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, CSI, Supernatural, I Tonya – I was on bedrest and I have my infusion; I’ve watched a LOT of TV.

looking forward to … my graduation, the summer, being off of crutches – “But Kate, didn’t you finish your MA in December?” Yes, dear reader, I did. But I worked really hard for 2.5 years, so I want to walk/crutch across that stage! That’s happening this May. I think the other two things in that list should be pretty self-explanatory.

hoping for … speedy recovery and more energy – I’m still very much still in surgery recovery. I find out on May 15 if I can start put weight on my ankle, and at some point by the end of June, I’ll start physical therapy. That’s the next stage of recovery, and I hope it goes well. But I have been suuuuuper lacking in energy since my surgery over a month ago. Here’s hoping that when my infusion kicks in my energy comes back!

listening to … Kacey Musgrave’s new album, my Working playlist, Brothers Osbourne’s new album.

loving … spring weather, leaving the house regularly, sites and extensions that get coupons and discounts – Boston has remembered that it’s supposed to be springtime! It’s like we went from full-on winter to spring in a matter of days. I don’t hate it! And I also don’t hate that I get to leave the house regularly now! Still not as often as I was pre-surgery, but we’re getting there. And because of this, I’ve been doing more online shopping that I have in the past. What’s great about that, though, is you can use extensions to your web browser that find you coupons and discounts. One great one is Wikibuy, which you can find at Install it in your browser and go about your business!

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