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June Blog Traffic Report

The good news is that I finally finished my first year of grad school! The bad news is that I won’t really be caught up on blogging things until next week due to working, multiple doctor’s appointments, etc. But moving on, let’s talk about June’s blog traffic!

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Traffic Report

Current Statistics

Unique Pageviews: 5407 (-26% from May, +43% from the beginning)

Bounce Rate: 9.74% (-41% from May, -89% from the beginning)

Sessions: 5062 (-29% from May, +80% from the beginning)

Users: 3621 (-32% from May, +88% from the beginning)

Bloglovin: 1702 (+0.8% from May, +26% from the beginning)

Email Subscribers: 180 (+9% from May, started at 0)

Social Media

Facebook: 854 (+0.8% from May, +42% from the beginning)

Twitter: 2483 (+0.8% from May, +60% from the beginning)

Instagram: 1334 (+1.5% from May, +232% from the beginning)

Google+: 182 (+3.4% from May, +116% from the beginning)

Pinterest: 2941 (+5.9% from May, +221% from the beginning)

Tumblr: 3587 (-0.1% from May, +15% from the beginning)

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  5. How To Pack for a Summer Trip
  6. What To Do in Boston This Summer
  7. Erin Condren End-of-Year Review
  8. Blog Post Ideas for 2016
  9. 40 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers
  10. May Favorites + J. Crew Giveaway

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Traffic Analysis

What I Did

  • How I promote my blog posts
  • 8 posts compared to the scheduled 13 due to health issues, infusion, and working on my last final
  • 2 giveaways (the birthday one and the reader survey one)
  • Not as many posts with SEO
  • Google reconsideration request approved
  • Changed my SumoMe settings so it no longer appears on the home page
  • Added Pinterest recently pinned to the sidebar
  • Sponsoring Becca Dorr
  • Added multiple email list opt-in freebies (check out the Follow page!)

I Haven’t Seen Results From

  • Changing the SumoMe settings
  • Adding the recently pinned widget
  • Multiple opt-in freebies (although my hope is that when I make the page pretty this will change)

What I Can Learn from These Statistics

  • Everyone says that blog traffic decreases in the summer due to people being outside, on vacation, etc. and away from their computers. I’m really hoping that’s one of the things that affected June’s traffic.
  • Having fewer posts (as well as promoting fewer old posts on days without new posts) really affected my traffic negatively

Previous Goals

  • 15,000 monthly pageviews – huge fail
  • 8,000 sessions – big fail

Goals for July

  • I’m giving up on specific goals this month. My goal is to just improve blog traffic and social media right now.

Get Traffic to Your Blog This Summer

Get Traffic To Your Blog

Learn from my mistakes and successes. Here are some things you can do to get traffic to your blog this summer based on my traffic report:

  • Use search engine optimization in your posts
  • Promote old posts on days you don’t have a new one – especially if you go off-grid for a vacation.
  • Giveaways get traffic – but only until the giveaway is over. You need good content to keep them coming.
  • Get guest posters if you’re not going to have any new posts for a little bit
  • A huge amount of my blog traffic comes from older posts, most of which is due to using SEO and how I promote my posts on social media. Read more about how I do it in this post.

What are your tips for improving blog traffic?

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