Why You Need To Buy This Brand This Summer

If you’re not buying Universal Thread Brand from Target, you’re missing you. Extremely missing out. I don’t have many pairs of shorts because I usually work in an office. But this summer, I’m not, so I went to Target’s website to buy some from their brand Universal Thread. They arrived and I loved them so much that I went back (virtually). I bought t-shirts and dresses. Honestly, I want to buy more clothes from there. And now I’m writing a blog post about them. So let’s talk about why you need to buy from this brand, especially this summer if you don’t have a lot of non-office work clothes.

Note: I’m not pretending that it’s time to move on from George Floyd’s death or the protests that it sparked. It’s not. It will never be time. I am continuing my anti-racist work, but as I said on Friday, that is the bare minimum that I should be doing as a white person. I will continue donating to organizations and bail funds. There needs to be systemic change, and I personally think that we need to continue working systemic change into “normal” lives. (We should not go back to our previous normal, for the record.) I personally can’t go to the protests, so I will continue to share information and donate to organizations, in addition to doing the work on myself that I need to because I am white and come from a fundamentally racist society.

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Looking for comfortable, good quality clothes that aren't super expensive? Then look no further than Universal Thread Brand. In this post, I'm sharing some more reasons why you need to be buying from this brand, the things I've bought, and the things I want to buy.

Why You Should Be Buying Universal Thread Brand

It’s good quality – It is study and not flimsy. I first bought from Universal Thread in 2018, in advance of having surgery and being in a cast for several months. I bought jeans that are flared below the knee so that they would fit over my cast. I bought them because I had a really hard time finding pants that would fit and these were the cheapest. Friends, I still wear those jeans. Before summer, I wrote them multiple times a week. They have been washed so many times over the last 2+ years, and since I bought those, I’ve bought other pants and jeans that haven’t lasted that long. I was (and am) really impressed!

It doesn’t cost a ton – It is extremely affordable, and often less than $30. But it’s still really good quality.

It’s Fair Trade Certified – Fast Fashion itself isn’t great; it hurts the people working in factories and sweatshops across the world who don’t make a ton of money to make the clothes that we buy and toss without a second thought. One way that we (the buyers of these clothes) can make a change is, if we’re going to buy fast fashion clothes, by buying clothes from companies who are pledging to make a change. As the Fair Trade website says, “A choice for Fair Trade Certified™ goods is a choice to support responsible companies, empower farmers, workers, and fishermen, and protect the environment” (x). Additionally, “We’re leading the charge toward sustainable development and corporate social responsibility by forming fair and honest partnerships across the globe” (x). I’m not going to pretend that still buying fast fashion

They have a variety of sizes – I’m not an expert in size-inclusivity, and I’m not going to pretend to be. But, in my experience, the clothes are true-to-size, and most things go from 0 to 16, if not 00 to 18. Additionally, the website generally shows 2 models for each product: 1 straight-size model and 1 plus-size. What I really like is that the product descriptions include the model’s height and the size they’re wearing. Very helpful, especially if, like me, you’re 5’3″ or shorter.

What I’ve Bought from Universal Thread Brand Recently

Shorts: Women’s High-Rise Short Jean Shorts – Universal Thread™ Dusty Olive – “A versatile warm-weather staple, these green jean shorts will have you ready for sunny days and warm nights, complete with a soft, breathable fabric that provides all-day comfort. Cut in a high-waisted silhouette, they flatter the figure while being easy to pair with a range of tops to suit your aesthetic, and rolled cuffs give them a more easygoing vibe” (x). These are so comfortable and so cute! They are a bit tighter than the Distressed Jean Shorts, but are still true-to-size. They technically go from size 0 up to size 18, but as of the time I’m writing this, 0 and 18 are sold out.

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Women’s High-Rise Distressed Jean Shorts – Universal Thread™ Dark Wash – “A dark wash lends itself to a classically chic and versatile look, making these dark-wash denim shorts a well-rounded addition to your warm-weather wardrobe. Distressed detailing gives them a more easygoing and slightly edgy look, while rolled hems finish things off with laid-back charm. You’ll keep comfortable with the soft fabric and breathable lining, along with the high-waisted silhouette that lends a figure-flattering look and ease of styling with a range of tops” (x). I love these! In addition to being classic, they’re loose and cute. These are definitely true-to-size, and technically go from 00 to 18, but as of writing this post, only 4, 6, and 8 are not sold out.

T-shirts: Women’s Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt – Universal Thread™ – For years, I have loved Madewell’s v-neck t-shirts, but they’re so thin that they quickly get out-of-shape. So when I was ordering shorts, I decided to order these v-necks. Sorry, Madewell, but I don’t think I’m ever going back to your tees! Here’s how Universal Thread describes these shirts: “Crisp and clean with endless versatility, the Relaxed-Fit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt from Universal Thread™ is a must-have in your collection of everyday basics. This short-sleeve T-shirt lets you easily wear it with everything from dark-wash jeans and plaid ponte pants to camo joggers and printed mini skirts. 100% cotton fabric provides you with breathable comfort from day to night and season to season, and the relaxed silhouette makes for ease of layering as well as a figure-flattering fit” (x). I think that these are also true-to-size although maybe on the larger side, but the style is a bit on the looser size. I wear a small in these shirts, although I’m 50-50 on wearing a small or medium in other brands’ shirts.

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Dresses: Women’s Sleeveless Crewneck Tank Dress – Universal Thread™ – “This cool and comfortable tank-style dress made from 100% cotton is sure to become a warm-weather favorite. Style with a simple crewneck and an on-trend mini-length cut, it’s ideal to wear for casual outings. The regular-fit dress also has a pullover style for easy wear” (x). I love this dress so much that I regularly wear it and I bought it in multiple colors. There are 10 colors available. I would describe this dress as also true-to-size; due to the style (very breezy), I bought this dress in a small, and I wear a small in shirts and medium-equivalent in shorts.

What I’m thinking of buying

Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress – Universal Thread™ – This looks like the dress I already have, but a different shape!

Women’s Striped Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt – Universal Thread™ – I love the fit of this (or at least, how it looks like it fits).

Women’s Short Sleeve Knit Tie Front T-Shirt – Universal Thread™ – I’m a fan of simple tops, and this definitely qualifies.

Whipstitch Square Backpack – Universal Thread™ – This is soooo pretty! It makes me all heart-eye emoji.

Have you bought anything from the Universal Thread brand recently?

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    Size 18 isn’t even close to size inclusive for plus-sized bodies. There are no cheap brands for plus-sized bodies, nor is there easy access.

    June 23, 2020 at 12:13 pm
    • Reply Kate

      Good to know! I knew that truly inclusive plus-size brands and clothes tends to be more expensive and harder to find. I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned anything about inclusivity given that I’m straight-size. Should have listened to that instinct! Thanks for commenting.

      June 24, 2020 at 6:12 pm

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