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Blog Traffic in 2020: May Blog Traffic Report

Before we get into our regular blog traffic report, I want to address the social unrest across the United States and my opinions on them. First and foremost, I support Black Lives Matter and I support the protests. I think that these protests are a symptom of the larger problem of white supremacy in this country. It is entrenched in our society because this country was built on white supremacy. If you look at the protests and are angrier at the property damage than at the police violence that instigated them, please do some soul-searching.

I have been working on becoming an anti-racist for quite some time now, and I’m continuing that work. (I don’t talk about it a lot because I shouldn’t get a pat on the back for doing basic self-education, but it is important to me that my readers know where I stand). I’ve also recently donated to Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, and more. I continue to learn more and donate to other organizations, and I advise you to do the same.

Additionally, today is my birthday, and if Breonna Taylor was alive, today would also be her birthday. I’m 29 today; if Breonna Taylor was alive, she would be 27. But she isn’t and she will never be 27. Please help get justice for her by doing the things organized in this website.

That being said, there’s no good way to transition to my normal blog traffic report, but I wanted you to know where I stand.

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This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Kate the (Almost) Great! My blogging income has helped me donate to the organizations mentioned above.

2020 has been a wild ride, affecting every industry, including blogging. In this blog post, life and health blogger Kate the (Almost) Great shares her blog traffic report from May 2020.

Traffic Report

Google Analytics Statistics

Page views: 13250 (-7% from April, +13.78% from last year)

Bounce Rate: 11.19% (-52% from April, -29.1% from last year)

Sessions: 10742 (+81% from April, -4.5% from last year)

Users: 8280 (+60.4% from April, +74.-5% from last year)

Email subscribers: 704 (-0.8% from April, +5.23% from last year)

How I keep my bounce rate so low

Webhostinghub.com Statistics

Page views: 326,296 (+168.82% from April, +219.72% from last year)

Sessions: 21,940 (+237.53% from April, -23% from last year)

Users: 11,283 (+351.8% from April, +414.5% from last year)

Social Media

Facebook: 1110 (0.9% from April, +4.4% from last year)

Twitter: 3692 (+0.03% from April, +5.97% from last year)

Instagram: 3067 (+2.09% from April, +18% from last year)

Pinterest: 9572 (+0.8% from April, +15.49% from last year)

Tumblr: 3991 (-0.1% from April, +1.94% from last year)

How I manage social media for my blog | How to get followers on Pinterest

eBook to Grow Blog Traffic in 2020 | Kate the (Almost) Great

Top Posts

  1. 31 Historical Fiction Novels to Take You Back in Time
  2. The Products I Loved (And Wanted) in Grad School
  3. POTS and Heat Intolerance
  4. 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Received My Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis
  5. Loving Someone with Chronic Pain
  6. What Does Endometriosis Feel Like?
  7. Describing Pain Levels to a Doctor
  8. 5 Items Every Immunosuppressed Person Needs
  9. Accepting Your Body with Chronic Illness
  10. What Every POTS Patient Needs for the Summer

Top Sources of Traffic

  • Pinterest (78.93%) – This is one of the higher percentages I’ve seen! I strongly think that the reason is that I’ve kept implementing Ell’s Pinterest course more. Like I said last month, I did a bunch in February when I actually did the course, but there’s some stuff that I didn’t do because I thought I didn’t need to. I’ve kept doing that stuff. Like I’ve said before, I’m not going to say much about what that is because this is a paid course and that’s not fair to her.
  • Search Engines (5.82%) – Do search engine optimization!!! If you’re not learning about and utilizing it, you’re missing out.
  • Facebook (4.96%) – This percentage is higher than last month, which was 3.9%, and I don’t really know why. I think just because some months Facebook brings me more traffic and other times Twitter does. I haven’t changed anything (I still participate in Facebook groups, I still promote my blog posts on my Facebook page, I still occasionally promote a blog post on my personal Facebook), but some months that works better than others.

This does not include direct traffic.

How to use Pinterest for blog traffic | How to use SEO to stand out

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Traffic Analysis

What I did

  • How I promote my blog posts
  • Big thing: trying to improve my domain authority (DA)
    • “Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages” (x). Moz emphasizes that DA is not taken into consideration by Google when determining search engine results. However, it is extremely helpful for the people behind these sites to figure out how they/we are doing with search engine optimization.
    • Moz says that “Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and the number of total links, into a single DA score” (x).
    • Resources I used: How to Boost Your Domain Authority by 5 Points in 2 Weeks and How to Dramatically Increase your Domain Authority in the Smartest Way Possible!
  • Started doing the Russell Brunson 30-day Traffic Secrets challenge (look for more info about that next week!) (while that is a sponsored campaign, I am not paid to include it in this post)

How to get the most out of Tailwind for Pinterest

I haven’t seen results from

  • The Traffic Secrets challenge, but that’s because I started the challenge on the 26th.

What I can learn this month

  • Improving your DA is hard work! – I already knew this on some level. I knew that it’s easier to improve your DA when you’re on the lower end and that it’s nearly impossible to grow it when you’re up to the higher end. I’ve been keeping an eye on my DA over the years, which means that I know that approximately 4 years ago my DA was 23 and as of May, it’s 33. But I still found it difficult to improve my DA over the course of a month! I had hoped that I could at least improve it by 1 or 2 points, but no such luck.
  • At the same time, though, over the course of the month I increased the number of keywords that were ranking! At the beginning of May, 158 keywords ranked, aka keywords I used in blog posts showing up in Google search engine results. Very few were in the top 10, which is the first page of the search engine results, but that’s still a fair amount. As of the end of the month, 216 keywords from my site ranked. That’s a big jump! I still am not ranking as much on the 1st page as I would have liked, but improvement is improvement, even if I don’t meet my goals.

Why isn’t my blog getting traffic?

About domain authority and blogging Click To Tweet

May Goals

  • 5 blog posts – Success! I published 5 posts exactly.
  • Maintain blog traffic – Meh? Technically, my page views dropped. But my sessions and users grew and my bounce rate dropped, all by a lot. So it feels like a negligible difference.

June Goals

  • 4 blog posts
  • 14,000 monthly page views

Have you worked on your domain authority?

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