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New week, new post! Today, I thought I would share with you what I wear to work. I started my new job in June, and it’s the first time since 2014 that I’m working at least 4 days a week. From 2015 to 2017, I did have a job, but it was only 2 days a week because I was in grad school. So when I started this job, I realized that I needed some new clothes, especially because my job in grad school had a much more casual dress code than most jobs. I also started wearing others in different ways, which has been fun.

As I’ve been doing this, I started sharing my outfits of the day on my Instagram stories. (You can check them out in my OOTD story highlight.) But I decided to take this to the next step and write a post about it. I hope you find some fun things in this post!

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It can be hard to find work-appropriate outfits, especially for women. So today I'm sharing my workwear, as well as cheaper alternatives and other things that I love.

Before we get into it, as a reminder, I had surgery in March and I am still in a walking cast. The good news is that I’m slowly working up to being out of it 100% of the time. The bad news is that I’m still in it, so that’s why you’ll see it in these posts.

Workwear Outfit 1: Simple Dress

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Dress | Similar Dress | Similar Necklace | Similar Necklace | Shoe

I’ve been living in dresses with the heat wave(s) we’ve been having recently! Other dresses I love/have for working: striped Loft dress (currently only available in large), navy Madewell dress, and my navy shift dress like this one.

Workwear Outfit 2: Dark Pants and Sleeveless Top

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Similar Top | Similar Pants | Shoe

This type of outfit is great for warm days outside but cold inside due to AC. I have 2 other sleeveless shirts that I love, a red one and blue-and-white striped one.

Workwear Outfit 3: Bright Pants and Tee

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Similar Pants | Similar & Cheaper Pants | Shirt | Sweater

I literally have or had this shirt in six colors. it’s that good! I tend to wear this more often on days when it’s not hot, and of course I bring a cardigan with me for all outfits. Women and femme-presenting people understand the AC struggle!

What do you wear to work?

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