The Best of Kate the (Almost) Great in 2015

Another year is (almost) in the books. I’ve never been much of one for resolutions, as my abilities and such are completely unpredictable given my health. However, I’m all for looking back and celebrating the good things from the previous year while looking forwarding and aiming for better things in the future. 2016 will hold more grad school, starting a new primary arthritis medication, and finishing the first draft of my second novel (if not finishing it all together and/or starting another novel). But before I get to kicking 2016’s butt, I want to look back at 2015 and celebrate the good things that happened. That definitely includes the good things on this blog, so today is all about the best posts on Kate the (Almost) Great this year.

Best of Kate the (Almost) Great in 2015

The Best Posts of 2015 According to Me (My Favorites)

The 8 Things a Millennial with Arthritis Wants You To Know – Being a millennial and living with the chronic pain from inflammatory arthritis is not easy. In this post, I address what I wish other people knew about me and my illness, like how I’m not “too young” to have it. This is important to read for other millennials as well as people of all ages.

On Living with Chronic Pain – This is a follow up to the 8 things post and addresses everything from what it’s like to be in pain constantly to the costs that come with it.

How I Wrote a Novel in High School – I wrote the first draft of Aureole from November 2008 t0 May 2009, and here’s how I did it.

87 Blogging Tutorials – Everything you need to have a successful blog.

What I’ve Learned About Life from My Autoimmune Disease  – My autoimmune arthritis has changed my life in many ways, but it has also taught me a lot.

The Complications of Arthritis – A lot of people tend to think arthritis isn’t a big deal. This post isn’t designed to scare anyone, but it is designed to explain how it can be a big deal after all.

What To Do in Boston This Summer – Pretty self-explanatory! A lot of the things I have in this post (like museums) are available year-round.

How To Help Someone Who Has a Chronic Illness – This is a list of what you SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES say to someone who has a chronic illness. And don’t just take it from me; this post was created from submissions from others.

Writing Papers for Any Class

Writing Papers for Any Class: A Teacher’s Tips – I explained how you can write a paper for any class using my experience as a high school teacher, a high school student who got into some pretty good universities, a college student who maintained a 3.5 GPA, and a graduate student studying for an MA in English literature.

Resources for People with Arthritis – Exactly what it sounds like!

Take Better Notes on Your Readings – I studied how to be an English teacher including note-taking strategies, and I used that to help you take better notes.

Take Action: Email the CDC – In this post, I explain how the CDC is making life even more difficult for the 95% of chronic pain patients who are prescribed narcotic pain medications but do not become addicted to them.

The One Things Every Woman Must Do – It bothers me to no end when women

On Plagiarism in Blogging – Did you know that plagiarism is more than just copying someone else word for word? This post addresses the various ways someone can plagiarize, especially in the realm of blogging.

Dear Selena Gomez – Selena Gomez revealed this year that she has lupus, a rheumatic disease similar to inflammatory arthritis. This is an open letter to her.

Blog Post Ideas for 2016 – Blog post ideas for every week of 2016!

The Best Posts of 2015 According to You (Most Popular)

The 8 Things a Millennial with Arthritis Wants You To Know

What I’ve Learned about Life from My Autoimmune Disease

Need Grammar Help?

40 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Dear Selena Gomez

Dear Selena Gomez

87 Blogging Tutorials

Is Arthritis a Big Deal?

Take Better Notes on Your Readings

Blog Post Ideas for 2016

What posts were your favorites?

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