Gift Guide: Chronic Illness Gifts

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re at the last gift guide of 2017! Hanukkah has already started (Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!) and Christmas is just around the corner. We’re heading into the last week to buy presents before Christmas, and if you’re shopping online, make sure you order them ASAP.

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This holiday season, are you shopping for someone who lives with a chronic illness? Check out these gift ideas!

Gifts That Make Them More Comfortable

Chronic illness gifts that will make them more comfortable

Massaging Heating Pad | Nice Reusable Ice Packs | TENS Device | Comfy Clothes (Leggings, Sweatshirt, Shirt)

Gift Cards

Drybar: For a lot of people with chronic illnesses, the act of washing and drying our hair is difficult or even painful. A gift card to have someone else do it can make life a lot easier.

KT tape: This is so helpful for people with joint issues. It supports joints just as good (if not better) than braces. But it can be expensive depending on how many joints are taped and how frequently it is used.

Massage: If someone has muscle issues or a history of muscular pain, a massage can make a huge difference and help a lot. I suggest choosing a place that either specializes in massages for health or has people who are certified in it.

Mani/Pedi: There are so many reasons why someone might struggle to paint and/or care for their own nails, but pain in the fingers or hand, problems with the joints in the fingers or hand, etc. all contribute to it. Get them a mani and/or pedi gift card to make their life better!

Gifts To Entertain Them

Shopping for someone with a chronic illness? Check out these gifts, which will help keep them entertained.

Netflix or Hulu Subscription: People with chronic illnesses can spend a lot of time resting and/or not being able to do much. Netflix and Hulu can have different selections, so if they already have one of these, consider giving them a few months of the other.

Audible Gift Card or Subscription: I love Audible. Books without holding them and reading off the page! If my pain is too high, I can’t read the book itself. Audible is a great way to still enjoy books without the struggle of reading them when you don’t feel well.

Adult Coloring Books 1, Adult Coloring Books 2, Puzzle Books 1, Puzzle Books 2, Pens or Colored Pencils

Gifts That Are Fun Things

If you're shopping for someone with a chronic illness, check out these fun things! These are various items that someone with a chronic illness will find entertaining or feel connected to.

The Future Is Accessible shirtSpoonie Strength Necklace | Everything Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright mug | I Am on Energy Saving Made mug | Spoon bracelet | Sick Club pin

If you have a chronic illness, what types of gifts would you like?

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