Resources for the Freshly-Diagnosed Chronic Illness Patient

If you’re at this blog post, you or someone you know has probably recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness. It can be scary but freeing – you finally have an answer, but you don’t know what your future will look like with this illness. In an attempt to help you, I’ve pulled together a whole bunch of posts that will help you adjust to this life. I hope this helps!

Were you recently diagnosed with a chronic illness? This is for you! It has over 30 posts about multiple aspects of living with a chronic illness so you know as much as you can going forward.

Understanding Chronic Illness

10 Misconceptions of Chronic Illness

Denial and Chronic Illness

What To Do When Others Don’t Understand Your Chronic Illness

5 Essential Steps to Understanding Chronic Illness

So You Were Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness: What You Should Do Next


How I’m Overcoming Chronic Exhaustion

9 Ways To Help Manage Your Fatigue

Chronic Pain

How To Cope with a Chronic Pain Flare Up

A Note on Living with Acute Chronic Pain

Flare Kit for Chronic Pain

Tools for Pain Management That Aren’t Medications

Preparing for Chronic Pain Medical Appointments + Free Printables To Help

Pain and Cold Weather: Dealing with Chronic Pain This Winter


10 Faith-Filled Books for the Chronically Ill

The Good and Bad of Support Groups for Chronic Illness

What To Do If a Doctor Doesn’t Believe You

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7 Tips for Coping with Chronic Illness

6 Chronic Illness Fears

When Chronic Illness Feels Like Chronic Failure

Leaving the “What If’s Behind

5 Items Every Immunosuppressed Person Needs

How To Have a Productive Day: Living with Chronic Illness

Surviving the Storm of Chronic Illness

Comfy Clothes Every Spoonie Needs

When Your Illness Makes You Feel Guilty

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Making the Most of a Life with a Chronic Illness

How To Plan for the Future with a Chronic Illness

Dating with a Chronic Illness

Does Illness Form Part of Your Identity

How To Talk about Your Chronic Illness

4 Questions To Ask Before Traveling with Chronic Health Problems

How To Succeed As a Spoonie Student

5 Tips for Better Medication Management

College Tips for Disabled Students

What aspect of chronic illness do you wish you knew more about?

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