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How To Boost Blog Traffic in 2020: June Blog Traffic Report

I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad to be officially in the 2nd half of 2020. Which also means that it’s time to look at June’s blog traffic! In this post, I’m sharing not only my traffic from June, but also my official experience with all of the 30-day Traffic Secrets challenge that I went through in June. I’ve found that book extremely helpful in my search to boost blog traffic, although that isn’t necessarily visible in last month’s traffic. I’ll get into all of that in a bit, though!

All blog traffic reports

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Want to boost blog traffic? In this blog post, long-time blogger Kate the (Almost) Great shares how she worked to boost her blog traffic in June 2020 and what worked and what didn't worked.

Boost Blog Traffic: June Traffic Report

Google Analytics Statistics

Page views: 12116 (-8.6% from May, -11% from last year)

Bounce Rate: 2.89% (-74.2% from May, -83.1% from last year)

Sessions: 11256 (+4.7% from May, +71.58% from last year)

Users: 7895 (-6.7% from May, +42.45% from last year)

Email subscribers: 709 (+0.7% from May, +4.57% from last year)

How I keep my bounce rate so low

Webhostinghub.com Statistics

Page views: 432,354 (+32.5% from May, +105.34% from last year)

Sessions: 24,321 (+10.8% from May, +2.46% from last year)

Users: 12,159 (+7.76% from May, +662.79% from last year)

Social Media

Facebook: 1118 (+7.2% from May, +4.87% from last year)

Twitter: 3676 (-0.5% from May, +3.81% from last year)

Instagram: 3073 (+0.19% from May, +17% from last year)

Pinterest: 9690 (+1.23% from May, +14.98% from last year)

Tumblr: 3985 (-0.2% from May, +1.29% from last year)

How I manage social media for my blog | How to get followers on Pinterest

Top Posts

  1. 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Received My Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis
  2. The Products I Loved (And Wanted) in Grad School
  3. POTS and Heat Intolerance
  4. What Does Endometriosis Feel Like?
  5. Describing Pain Levels to a Doctor
  6. 31 Historical Fiction Novels to Take You Back in Time
  7. Why Is Rheumatoid Arthritis Hard To Diagnose?
  8. What Every POTS Patient Needs for the Summer
  9. 17 Modern Classic Novels
  10. Accepting Your Body with Chronic Illness

Top Sources of Traffic

  • Pinterest (81.15%) – I think that this is the highest percentage I’ve ever had! This is due to a couple of things, I think. 1) I treat Pinterest like a search engine, as it is. 2) I’ve been utilizing Ell’s Pinterest Course since I completed it in February. Like I’ve said before, because she charges for her course, it isn’t fair for me to share what I’ve learned from it for free. But suffice it to say, I thought that I knew everything I needed about Pinterest, but I was wrong. I really suggest going through this course! It’s less than $45.
  • Search Engines (6.12%) – I try to use SEO in at least half of my blog posts. And it definitely shows, not only through traditional search engines but also through Pinterest.
  • Facebook (2.31%) – I’m a member of many Facebook groups for bloggers, so it’s nice to see some pay-off here.

This does not include direct traffic.

How to use Pinterest for blog traffic | How to use SEO to stand out

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Boost Blog Traffic: June Traffic Analysis

What I did

How to get the most out of Tailwind for Pinterest

I haven’t seen results from

  • None! While my overall blog traffic decreased according to Google, it increased according to my web host, and it’s all similar to most summers. Blog traffic for me personally and in the industry generally decreases in the summer. (Oh, and my blog traffic from my web host does not include bots and similar things. Counting those, it’s much higher.)

What I can learn this month

  • I need to keep making freebies – I made a bunch of freebies years ago and then basically stopped for at least a year. I started making new ones again, inspired by the Traffic Secrets book, and it brought me new email subscribers again. I was reminded that I need to keep doing that!
  • Focusing on a specific audience does help blog traffic – For years, I have maintained that I have at least 2 distinct audiences. But through the Traffic Secrets challenge, I’ve focused more on a chronic illness/chronic pain audience, and I’m definitely seeing results. First of all, my newsletter subscribers have definitely increased. Although it’s not really visible from the numbers above, I gained 20 new subscribers in June. I’ve also been aiming a lot of my Instagram posts at a chronic illness/pain audience, as well as following a lot of people on social media that fit in that audience, which has been increasing my following within that ideal audience. I think that the more I do this, the more engaged my audience will be.

Why isn’t my blog getting traffic?

What this blogger did to maintain her blog traffic during the summer Click To Tweet

June Goals

  • 4 blog posts – Success!
  • 14,000 monthly page views – Failure. I’m not too surprised, though, because blog traffic usually drops over the summer.

July Goals

  • 4 blog posts
  • Keep blog traffic stable – Summer always lowers blog traffic, and July is all over the place for me. I just took a quick break for the 4th. I’m having my infusion on the 10th, which means the next blog post after this one is 2 weeks from today. My goal is 4 blog posts this month, as you can see from my previous bullet, and that does make it a bit hard to grow blog traffic. So between that and it being summer, I hope to keep my traffic stable.

What have you tried to boost blog traffic?

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